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10 Methods to Caring for Someone with Memory Loss (Dementia & Alzheimer’s)

A smiling female staff member gently places her hands on a resident's shoulders as his head is turned towards and he is smiling back

Caring for Someone with Memory Loss Memory loss can be an emotional process for everyone involved. Sometimes it can be challenging to show how much we care while coping with everyday tasks. Finding a way forward may not always be easy, but we can give you a hand with some simple methods. Our Memory Care […]

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5 Items to Reduce from Your Closet – Senior Spring Cleaning Tips


Hello gorgeous ladies! Spring has officially sprung, so it’s time for you ‘spring’ into action and get started on everyone’s favorite pasttime this time of year – SPRING CLEANING (sarcasm intended).  If you’re like us, getting started is always the hardest part. We’ve found that the best place to kickstart your spring cleaning efforts is […]

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From Your Vantage Point: What’s Included in Senior Living Monthly Rent?


In our last post of the “From Your Vantage Point” series we talked about the price tag of senior living and what is behind a senior living community’s pricing. In that article, we briefly addressed that residents in senior living communities pay for much more than simply the rent of an apartment.    Today we’d […]

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