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The Secret Reason Seniors Prefer Community Living to Aging in Place

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Your home is your castle.  Why would you ever want to move out? That’s the question you may be asking the seniors you know as they decide to move out of their homes and into retirement communities. Previously, there were far fewer housing options for seniors, such as aging in place, which involves remaining in a home that may be ill-equipped to serve the physical needs of the elderly.  In an era where over 10,000 people are turning 65 per day, retirement communities have grown to meet the demands of a rising senior population. Therefore, if you find yourself asking how you could ever prefer senior living to aging in place, all you need to do is look at the many amenities Vantage Point communities offer.

The secret reason that seniors prefer senior living to aging in place? Independent living and assisted living communities afford residents a staggering list of amenities, in an environment that caters to their daily needs. In a senior living community, all your basic needs and amenities are under the same roof, with ample opportunities to participate in just about any activity you can imagine. In addition to the basics that senior living offers – residents have access to nutritious and gourmet meals onsite, help with housekeeping and laundry, as well as assistance with personal care and medications for those in our more advanced care programs. Senior housing communities also provide handyman and maintenance services, which allows residents to live in their homes without needing to perform physically taxing upkeep.

Many retirement communities offer a dazzling array of benefits for residents to enjoy during their golden years.  Movie theaters, swimming pools, fitness centers, and game rooms are now common features of senior living facilities.  Activities may include art therapy, cooking classes, gardening, yoga, Spanish clubs, and excursions to museums and restaurants. There is always something to do, and many opportunities to interact with neighbors.  Independent senior living offers seniors private living quarters where they can entertain guests, with the option to participate in group activities.

Prior to move-in, seniors can choose from a variety of housing options to suit their needs. Independent living in a Vantage Point community offers an array of beautiful, high-end private apartments, Floor plans – some larger than 1,000 square feet – contain kitchen, living, and dining areas. For those who choose assisted living or memory care, the same commitment to quality and comfort is there with private and semi-private apartments for residents.  For your safety and comfort, some communities offer optional monitoring technology that alerts staff if a resident seems less active than normal, while all of our communities are staffed 24/7 with safety and security personnel.

More specialized living options include our proprietary The Compass Memory Care™  communities, which offer customized support and programming that is an entirely new direction in the memory care world. These facilities provide seniors with an excellent quality of life, including 24/7 access to nurses and transportation to doctor’s appointments, while offering engaging and meaningful activity programs specifically tailored to cognitive abilities and strengths. Our therapeutic recreation programs promote whole-person well-being: physical, social, emotional, educational, cognitive and spiritual.

Senior living spaces contain many illustrious features that provide residents with a high level of safety, comfort, and cognitive engagement.  This list of amenities is the secret reason seniors prefer senior living to aging in place, which may involve isolation and hazards to physical mobility.  Psychology Today reports that while seniors may initially be reluctant to move out of their homes and into retirement communities, they can’t imagine life any other way after experiencing the food, living accommodations, and personalized care.  Additionally, senior living options provide families with the comforting notion that their loved ones will have accommodations and staff designed to meet their every need in retirement.

Vantage Point Retirement Living offers residents personalized living spaces and communities distinctive from other forms of senior living.  Residents can remain engaged, active members of society in hassle-free environments that facilitate an ideal customized living experience.  With delivered meals, quality medical care, and highly trained staff, Vantage Point offers sterling accommodations and services for independent and assisted living.  Personal care and memory care rooms feature plenty of natural lighting and a plethora of features that foster safety and convenience.  Residents accustomed to more independent living can enjoy spacious floor plans with large closets and private balconies, as well as on-site fitness rooms and media centers.  With teams that truly listen to and incorporate resident feedback in its communities, Vantage Point Retirement Living has long distinguished itself as a pioneer in its industry.  Call today at 610-696-4177, or visit online to view all the amenities its communities offer.

Written by Arcadia Limerick Pointe

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