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Benefits of Joining a Wait List for a New Senior Community

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Join a wait list at a brand new senior living communities

Deciding to move to a senior community can be overwhelming. It is one that brings a lot of excitement, but a little stress and apprehension too. And with so many options in senior living out there today, it can be overwhelming to decide which community is right for you.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the differences … but what about the differences between moving to a new construction senior community and older senior communities in operation?

There are pros and cons for these types of communities as well. For example, communities that are currently in operation are easy to visit and discover first hand during a tour. Yet the community might be a bit aged with smaller apartments and not offer as many modern conveniences and amenities. A community that is under development will offer residents the newest and best in lifestyle options, with the modern conveniences and amenities many seniors expect. However, visualizing life at a community on a blue print can be a challenge.  There are certainly tradeoffs and one type of community will be more attractive than the alternative for different people.

For those who might consider a move to a ‘not yet open’ community, Vantage Point Retirement Living is developing a few new senior communities. These communities will offer first class services and amenities as well as spacious and modern apartments. And if you’re like the many people who want to move to a brand-new community, there are steps that can be taken now to reserve a spot to ensure early residency – joining a priority wait list and becoming a depositor.

What’s in it for me?

Benefits of joining a new senior community wait list:

  • Senior laughing with each otherEstablish Relationships – Members of the wait-list, known as depositors, are able to meet with fellow depositors during exclusive events and establish relationships. This is especially valuable for people who take the step to move in upon opening because they already know their new neighbors.
  • Become Eligible to Receive Exclusive Benefits – When a Vantage Point community opens, it extends certain incentives to those who are among the first to move in. Known as Charter Membership, early residents receive attractive financial discounts. People on the wait list are offered first opportunity to take advantage of Charter Membership.
  • Plan Ahead – Joining a wait list for a senior community under development allows a person to plan their move more methodically and not feel rushed. The process of decluttering a home, putting it on the market, and waiting for a sale takes several months under the best circumstances.
  • Think About It – Committing to move to a senior community is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Joining the wait list for a community that is not open yet provides ample time to consider your decision before making a commitment. People on a Vantage Point community wait list can feel secure knowing their deposit is completely, 100% refundable if they change their mind for ANY reason. 

If you’d like more information on joining a wait list for Arcadia at Limerick Pointe (Limerick, PA), The Lodge at Truitt Homestead (Rehoboth Beach, DE), Meadowcrest at Middletown (Middletown, DE), or Fieldstone at Chester Springs (Chester Springs, PA), please email [email protected] or call 610-321-1977.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Written by Arcadia Limerick Pointe

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